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Duane Graves

Duane Graves

-Hi there! I’m glad you stopped by. My name is Duane Graves owner of this website. I am also a Certified Piano Technician based in Fredericton, NB. I have been tuning and repairing acoustic pianos since 2013.

In that time I have tuned, repaired and serviced roughly 700 pianos from Full Grands to Spinets to Tall Old Vertical pianos and nearly everything in-between, I suppose.

-Please take a few minutes to review my website where you will learn more about your piano and how to keep it happy for years to come.

-The “Menu-Icon” (three short lines at the top right corner of this cover page) will take you into more information such as services and pricing. Also, for your own curiosity, do check out “Articles of Interest” where you can scroll down through various blogs that are written to help you in your piano-playing-journey.

-Contact Duane's cell at (506) 327-0108 or Home Landline at (506) 327-3068.

-You can also email me at duaneg@rogers.com to schedule your tuning today!

-I am absolutely looking forward to providing you with quality piano tuning, repair, and regulation work and I do hope you are having an exceptional day.