“ Duane’s extensive knowledge and obvious care and dedication to his craft will put any piano owner’s mind at ease. He spent hours working on my old 1925 upright and was incredibly careful, yet thorough, in making repairs and tuning the old strings. I never knew such an old piano could sound so good! Thanks, Duane!
……..Anne King and Frank the Piano"

Awesome job, Duane and thank you also for the pics. So interesting to see! Our living room is far too small for two pianos, but I can't seem to part with the old acoustic. I've had it since I was 12! Thank you for bringing it up to speed for us!

It was so nice for you to just take the initiative to modify and follow up including trusting payment will come. Next year, just book yourself in, let yourself in and trust I have you all ready to go on my etransfer. Wonderful service Duane!!


Hi Duane, I did try the piano when I came back from work, and its sounded beautifuly. I have to say I’m very impressed by your work, I’ll make sure to give your name to anyone with a piano around.


Good news, Duane. The pedal squeak worked away. And the piano sounds great. Thank you very much!




Thanks again for taking the time to come out to Oromocto and tune my piano on a Friday afternoon! It sounds fantastic and I will absolutely keep you in mind if I know of anyone looking to get their piano tuned or fixed up!

See you next year!



Kayla Ardern reviewed Duane's Piano Tuning & Technology5 star

· August 24, 2016 ·

Recently Duane tuned and serviced our new-to-us home piano, including fixing the loose damper pedal and sticky keys. He was so kind to do a last minute repair of a broken key "ivory" when I accidentally broke it later in the day. That same day he also tuned the piano at our Baptist church, where my husband is the pastor and I am the pianist. We're very thankful for Duane's great work!

Duane's Piano Tuning & Technology



Dawn Gordon reviewed Duane's Piano Tuning & Technology5 star

· September 13, 2017 ·

Duane is great to deal with, provides excellent service!

Duane's Piano Tuning & Technology



Liane Nicholson reviewed Duane's Piano Tuning & Technology5 star

· April 9, 2016 ·

Duane did a fantastic job tuning my piano - he even fixed some clicky keys and a squeaky pedal. I appreciate that he took his time and was very thorough. He was professional and I will recommend him to all of my friends! Thanks, Duane!

Duane's Piano Tuning & Technology

Andrea Harding reviewed Duane's Piano Tuning & Technology5 star

· July 26, 2016 ·

He was very nice, did a wonderful job! I will continue to get Duane to service my Piano for as long as I have it:)

Duane's Piano Tuning & Technology


Jacob Sweezey reviewed Duane's Piano Tuning & Technology5 star

· March 16, 2016 ·

Duane did a fantastic job tuning and repairing our 80 year old upright grand! His rates are amazingly reasonable. He was very careful to explain his steps and was professional and courteous. We could not be happier with his work. Thanks, Duane!

Duane's Piano Tuning & Technology




Duane's Piano Tuning & Technology Thank you, Jacob. The pleasure was all mine. I hope that your family has great luck with the piano now that it is in tune. Many blessings, Duane.

Jacob Sweezey It sounds amazing. My kids nearly fell over when they tried it out - it was virtually a new piano!


Jim Harrison reviewed Duane's Piano Tuning & Technology5 star

· October 4, 2016 ·

…..I am a pastor of two churches and have called upon Duane to come and do maintenance and tuning for us. Duane does an excellent job on our church pianos every time he tunes them! Highly recommend him to other pastors, churches and Music Committees looking to have their church pianos maintained. He not only tunes...he also does repair work as well so if you are in need of some work done on your pianos, give him a call. Also, his prices are excellent!

……Great service! Very knowledgeable…..Lisa

…..Duane did a fantastic job for us! Michelle Daigle and Don Rigley